All you need to know about the Athletics Elite Camp 2018

With an aim to provide competitive edge to athletes and further developing talented medal prospects, Reliance Foundation Youth Sports (RFYS) has launched the RFYS Athletics Elite Camp in association with Athletics Federation of India (AFI). As many as 43 athletes from 8 cities will get a chance to hone their skills at this one-of-a-kind camp which will be held at Sports Authority of India, Bengaluru, from 20th to 24thJune.

The camp will focus on the overall development of the young athletes who were selected after participating in the RFYS 2017-18 Athletics season. The camp aims at helping the hand-picked lot of youngsters improve in every aspect of track and field. This objective will be achieved by a detailed analysis of the performance of these athletes which will be closely examined by a skilled support team. The coaching team will include experts with a rich experience of playing the sport and coaching young talent alike.

These International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) level 4 coaches, one of whom is a former Olympian, will bring with them a plethora of knowledge and expertise to mentor the budding talents. These coaches will be assisted by experienced national coaches who have worked closely with the Indian crop of athletes and understand the problems that they go through.

The support staff will consist of physiotherapists, nutritionists, sports scientists and mental conditioning coach who will collectively help in monitoring and improving the progress of these athletes. The areas that will be focused on are technique, endurance, strength, nutrition and mental conditioning.

Based on these evaluations, every athlete will get a detailed report on all these parameters, an exclusive training schedule and diet plan based on his/her results at the camp. This report along with the learnings from the camp will help athletes introspect and improve their performance exponentially. The larger goal of the camp is the growth of young athletes who can be groomed for a bigger stage like the Olympic Games.