RFYS Athletics Elite Camp commences in Bengaluru

The RFYS Athletics Elite camp, organized in association with Athletics Federation of India (AFI), got underway on June 20th in Bengaluru. The 5-day high performance camp aims to improve India’s medal winning prospects in athletics by exposing high potential athletes to professional training techniques and fitness regimes. The 43 athletes who are currently training hard in the Sports Authority of India campus went through a few rigorous sessions under the supervision of IAAF certified coaches as well as, International coaches. Here’s what transpired in the first two days of the camp:

Track Session

The athletes were called on the field and were taught a few warm-up techniques as well as stretching exercises as a part of their fitness evaluation. Their timings were recorded on video right from the beginning which were later analyzed by the coaches. The coaches then studied their runs and came up with suggestions and feedbacks for individual athletes, feeding them with vital information that will improve their timings and their overall performance on the track.

Sports Nutrition

The athletes also went through a classroom session on Sports Nutrition, which was conducted by Sports Scientist and Nutritionist, Krushmi Chheda. Krushmi talked about how a Sports Nutritionist can bring a positive change in an athlete’s performance by setting up a diet plan catering to every individual’s needs. She spoke about the importance of grooming athletes at a young age which will help them last long in any sport they play in. When asked about RFYS, she said “RFYS is doing a fantastic job of scouting young athletes from various parts of the country and giving them expertise of psychologists, sports nutritionist and various coaches, both foreign and Indian which is like a milestone for them.”

Gym Session

The athletes also hit the gym later on in the day, where the emphasis was on teaching them techniques to increase their strength and power through exercises involving weights and kettlebells. Under the guidance of expert coaches, the athletes went through the session and got a knowhow of what they can do to increase their strength level and bring in more while performing in a race. The athletes were also introduced to FMS (Functional Movement Screen), a tool used to identify individuals with functional movement deficits.

Endurance Evaluation

All runners also underwent the VO2 Max test, an endurance test which is used to examine an athlete’s maximum intake of oxygen during a high-intense activity. This information is studied, and these results help determine the athlete’s cardiorespiratory fitness. Based on this, each athlete was given a customized workout plan and feedback to better their oxygen intake during endurance runs.

Stay tuned for more

A lot of action was wrapped up in the first two days and plenty is still in store at the Athletics Elite Camp 2018 as the athletes will look to learn a lot as the camp progresses.