RFYS Athletics Elite Camp 2018 concludes in Bengaluru

In association with Athletics Federation of India (AFI), the RFYS Athletics Elite Camp concluded in high spirits on 24th June in Bengaluru. The 5-day high-intensity camp was conducted at the Sports Authority of India in Bengaluru and proved extremely beneficial for both, the athletes and the coaching staff. 37 athletes were selected based on their performance during the RFYS Athletics season 2017-18 which included some of the best youth talent in the country.

RFYS Athletics Elite Camp 2018 concludes in Bengaluru

Personalised program

From the beginning, all the selected athletes were divided into discipline-specific groups – one for jumps, one for endurance and one for sprints. Each group was led by a combination of international and domestic coaches, each specialising in their respective disciplines.

RFYS Athletics Elite Camp 2018 concludes in Bengaluru

Endurance group - Lisa Verstraten (a level 4 IAAF Middle and Long-Distance Coach) assisted by Mr. Gopalkrishna Pillai (a level 1 IAAF Middle and Long-Distance Coach)

Sprints group - Mark Ladbrook (a level 4 IAAF Sprints Coach) assisted by Mr. Rohit Ramhari Mane (a level 2 IAFF Sprints Coach)

Jumps group - Stacey Taurima (a level 3 IAAF Jumps Coach) assisted by Mr. Saharsh S. Shah

The above discipline-leaders worked with functional experts relevant for athlete development:

• Sports physiotherapist Dr. Ashutosh Nimse

• Mental conditioning coach Dr. Alok Deodhar

• Sports nutritionist Krushmi Chheda

• Sports scientist Pratik Kadam

• Assistant Sports Scientist Shreya Doshi

• Assistant Sports Scientist Liyakat Lambe

• Assistant Physiotherapist Ria Jain

• Assistant Physiotherapist Chirag Pandya

Overall development of the athletes

The diverse sessions were planned with the goal of providing a complete development plan for these athletes. The camp started with individual athlete evaluation sessions and covered aspects like Musculoskeletal (MSK) screening, VO2 Max testing, timing gates, body composition analysis and mental EQ evaluation. These evaluation sessions were followed by developmental track and classroom sessions to work on each athlete’s individual growth areas. These sessions were done using video analysis to improve athlete-specific technical and fitness areas.

At the end of the camp, each athlete was given a personalised, multi-functional training report with detailed instructions on event training, nutrition, mental conditioning, physiotherapy and sports science.

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