Ajith’s story is going to inspire many young children – Mrs. Nita Ambani

Ajith’s story is going to inspire many young children – Mrs Nita Ambani

Mrs. Nita Ambani, founder and chairperson of Reliance Foundation Youth Sports, beamed with excitement about the new season and spoke highly about the impact the competition is making on the young athletes in India.

“Reliance Foundation Youth Sports was set up to realise the dream of making India a multi-sport nation.

It is a unified structure of school and college competitions and I am so delighted to say that in the first year itself we reached out to over two million Children.

The goal this year is to reach out to 4 million children. In the first year, we reached out to 1,900+ institutions, and this year our aim is to reach out to 3,000+ institutions” said Mrs. Nita Ambani.

She continued by saying “In the state of Kerala, we intend to cover the entire state of Kerala for Reliance Foundation Youth Sports this year. So, from one city to eight cities! This has been really phenomenal in the way schools and colleges have supported and enthusiastically participated in Reliance Foundation Youth Sports. I am really happy to be here, in Kochi, to kick off season two. There could have been no better place than Kerala to start season two of RFYS.

Talking about RFYS’ impact on the eco-system of sports in the country, Mrs. Nita Ambani said, “I think more than the words, it is the person standing to next to me (Ajith) who will tell you what the impact of Reliance Foundation Youth Sports has been. Grassroots has always been the core of Reliance Foundation Youth Sports.

She also lauded Ajith’s efforts last season and added that his story will inspire young athletes to take up a career in sports. “I remember Ajith Sivan; he was playing in the finals in Mumbai last year. And this year he has been selected to play for his favourite team Kerala Blasters, and that is what the eco-system of football is! Ajith’s story is going to inspire many young children to take up a career in sports and do well. I just take this opportunity to wish him and Vineeth all the very best. May we discover more and more children like Ajith and may they grow to be players like Vineeth to not only make Kerala proud but make our nation India proud. That is my dream for India,” concluded Mrs. Nita Ambani.

After her address, both Mrs. Nita Ambani and C.K. Vineeth presented Ajith Sivan the official Kerala Blasters jersey to cap off a wonderful afternoon and get the season underway.